Protect your Sage with our Sage DR solution!

How long would your business be able to continue without your Sage solution?
Don’t want to pay for expensive backup servers?
Have you been without your Sage server recently?
Do you want to have your Sage applications delivered to you via a secure cloud service?
Maybe you want to have your Sage software permanently in the cloud?
CIM Services are launching our new Sage disaster recovery solution. Firstly, we will backup your Sage data for you. Secondly, if your own in-house solution is unavailable, we will deliver your Sage 50 and/or Sage 50 manufacturing applications with your data via our secure cloud service. Have you ever had a server failure and lost access to Sage or how would your business survive in the event of data loss? With the Sage DR service, we can continue to keep your Sage solution running.
Our cloud solution delivers your applications and data via our secure data servers with SSL encryption.

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