Support Newsletter – June 2024 – Sage 200

Welcome to the Support Newsletter for June.  This month we will be looking at configuring Sage 200 for new users.

We will also continue with our introduction of the Support Team members, this month the spotlight is on Tom, one of our Support Technicians.

New User for Sage 200

The first step to creating new users in Sage 200 is to request that your IT Support add the new user to the Sage 200 Users Group and Sage 200 Admin Group (if required) on Active Directory.

Once this has been processed, the new user must be updated in Sage 200 System Admin and the appropriate role assigned. 

Updating Sage 200 System Admin

When you sign into System Administration, the Manage User Lists screen will automatically appear for your confirmation.

Should there be any addition or deletion of users during the active session of System Administration, you may navigate to Users, followed by Action > Update Users to revisit the Manage User Lists screen and confirm the updates.

Please note: A user who has been deleted from the user list externally can still access Sage 200. To prevent this, ensure you refresh and validate the user list through the Manage User Lists screen.

Creating a Role

There is no limit to the number of roles you can create.

To introduce a new role, begin by entering the Role Name. Subsequently, you’ll be required to configure the role’s properties and allocate users accordingly, with prompts guiding you through the process.

Adding a Role

Navigate to System Administration > Roles.

Creating a role: Right-click and select Add New Role.

Copying a role: Click on the desired Role Name, right-click and select Copy.  (This will also copy access to any feature the role is authorised to use.)

Configuring a Role

Enter the Role Name.  (Ensure it is at least one character in length and unique).

Press OK to finalise the role’s details.

Following this, the Added Role Properties window will prompt you to define the role’s properties.

Set Role Properties

Right-click the Role Name and choose Properties.

Change the Role name if required.

Select the role settings.

  • Receive Alerts From Messenger: Receive alerts from Sage 200 Messenger advising of possible issues caused by users abnormally exiting from the system in the event of a system crash, power cut and so on.
  • Remote Users Access Only: Allow members of this role to remotely access Sage 200 forms. For example, this might be required for some third party apps.
  • Users who are assigned to a Remote Users Access Only role cannot enter or amend information in Sage 200 directly.

Click OK to confirm the General properties.

When adding a role, you are prompted with the following message: This role will not have any users assigned. Do you want to continue?

  • To assign users to the role, click No. Proceed to assign users to the role.
  • To save the role without assigning users, click Yes.

Authorise Features for Roles

Open: System Administration > Roles.

Right-click the Role Name and choose Features.

Choose another role from the Authorise For drop-down list, if required.

Reduce the number of features shown by entering key words in the Feature Name box and clicking Filter.

Choose your preferred view.

  • Select Tree View to see system feature in tree view groups.
    • Expand feature groups by clicking the  (plus) symbol alongside the name.
    • Contract feature groups by clicking the  (minus) symbol alongside the name.
  • Select Flat View to see all features in a flat view list.

Select the features you want to authorise for the role.

If a feature or feature group is selected there is a tick in the box alongside the feature or feature group.

  • Features that are authorised for a role are marked with a tick . Click the box to select or clear the feature.
  • If you select or clear a feature group box, all features within it are automatically selected or cleared. If you select or clear all features within a feature group the feature group box is automatically selected or cleared also.
  • If you select or clear System Administration, to add or remove administration features for a role, enter your password to confirm that you have the authority to do this, and click OK.

Click OK to confirm the features.

Meet the Team

The Support Team at CIM is made up of five permanent members whose skillset covers Sage 50 Accounts, Cim50 Manufacturing, Sage 200, Cim200 Manufacturing, Sage CRM and Swan software. We also provide support for third party add-ons, such as Draycir (Spindle), Eureka and Sicon.

Spotlight on Tom

Tom joined the CIM team in October 2021 and has dedicated his time to providing support desk services.  He is well-versed in the 50 suite, including Sage50 and Cim50, and excels in customer service.  An avid golfer, Tom has outplayed James on several occasions, yet faced a significant loss on his own turf.  Likely, he found solace in his delightful homemade brownies and cookies that sometimes grace the office – a budding star baker indeed. 🍪

We hope these guides/articles will be of assistance, however, if you wish to discuss these further, please contact the support team by clicking the button at the bottom of this newsletter.

With Financial Year End fast approaching, did you know that the CIM Support Desk can assist with a back-up of your live data and create a new company (if required) free of charge? 

If you would like to take advantage of this, all we ask is that we are given a minimum of two working days’ notice to schedule it in. 

Please note this only applies to one data set, multiple data sets would be chargeable and have a longer lead time.

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