Support Newsletter – March 2024 – Sage 200

Welcome to the Support Newsletter for March.  Sage and CIM software have new updates this time of the year and we will check out some of the improved and new features.  To upgrade to the latest versions of Sage and Cim50, please reach out to your Account Manager,

We will also continue with our introduction of the Support Team members, this month the spotlight is on Roger, our Operations Manager.

Sage 200 2024 R1

Sage 200 2024 R1 is the latest update for Sage 200 Professional customers, which introduces new web screens and API enhancements.  Some of the new features are:

SOP & POP Dispatch Web Screens: You can now create, amend, and view sales orders for your customers or suppliers from any device with a web browser.  You can also add tracking and shipping information to your despatches, such as courier details and Incoterms.

Changes to Exporting Data to Excel:  You can now export data from Sage 200 to Excel in a more user-friendly and consistent format.  The exported data will retain the formatting, sorting, and filtering that you applied in Sage 200. You can also export data from multiple tabs or grids at once.

Opayo: Sage have updated links (formerly SagePay).

Ideas Portal: Sage have updated links (formerly IdeasHub).Purchase Order Filtering providing optional new columns to include, received, invoiced, cancelled and disputed status.

Cim200 2024 R1

SFDC helps to efficiently process works orders by providing the ability to issue stock, process operations, capture labour time and complete works orders via a pc, laptop, tablet, barcode scanner or phone.

Cim200 Scheduler Ad-hoc Bookings allows you to create ad-hoc booking codes tailored to your own production requirements.

Performance Improvement has been made with the time that MRP takes to run, significantly reducing the time from hours to minutes.

Performance Improvement will see actioned MRP recommendations turning green to make it easier to identify what has been actioned.

Performance Improvement allows the user to copy an existing BOM or previously quoted item when configuring a new Quotation item.

Meet the Team

The Support Team at CIM is made up of five permanent members who collectively have over 50 years of experience supporting Sage 50 Accounts, Cim50 Manufacturing, Sage 200, Cim200 Manufacturing, Sage CRM and Swan software. We also provide support for third party add-ons, such as Draycir (Spindle), Eureka and Sicon.

Spotlight on Roger

Roger, or Rog as he is also known, has been a part of CIM since January 2006.  He began his career at CIM on the Support desk, then switched to the Consultancy Team, and eventually returned to the Support Desk.  Roger is very knowledgeable about all products, and he excels at report writing.  He is also the world’s 🌍 leading authority on the legacy Swan Manufacturing Product.  Outside of work, Roger has another skill, which is dog whispering; he has two canine buddies, one of which is a rescue and currently draws heavily on his dog whispering skills. 🐶🐶

We hope these guides/articles will be of assistance, however, if you wish to discuss these further, please contact the support team by clicking the button at the bottom of this newsletter.

With Financial Year End fast approaching, did you know that the CIM Support Desk can assist with a back-up of your live data and create a new company (if required) free of charge? 

If you would like to take advantage of this, all we ask is that we are given a minimum of two working days’ notice to schedule it in. 

Please note this only applies to one data set, multiple data sets would be chargeable and have a longer lead time.

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