Support Newsletter – September 2022 – Sage 200

Hello and welcome to the September edition of the CIM Support newsletter.

Autumn is on its way, following an extremely hot and rather wet August.  I hope you all survived without too many problems.

Have you noticed that when running reports or using workspaces you can see Sales Orders and Purchase Orders that have numbers beginning and ending with ###?  These are created in the database when the system crashes or network issues are experienced, however, they cannot be seen in the Sales Order/Purchase Order Lists.  If you want to know how to resolve these ‘Hash Tag Orders’ please click here.

Do you often wonder ‘What does this do, or how does this work’ in certain modules in Sage200?  You can access the help guide in Sage200 by pressing F1 on your keyboard.  Often, if you press F1 when accessing a certain screen, the help guide will open for that screen saving you time trying to search for the topic.

Report of the Month

POP Deliveries by Supplier

This report shows you a list of deliveries by supplier.

Please click here for an example of the report.

If you would like this added to your Sage200 software please let us know.

With Financial Year End fast approaching, did you know

that the CIM Support Desk can assist with a back-up of your live data and create a new company (if required) free of charge? 

If you would like to take advantage of this, all we ask is that we are given a minimum of two working days’ notice to schedule it in. 

Please note this only applies to one data set, multiple data sets would be chargeable and have a longer lead time.

We hope these guides will be of assistance, however, if you wish to discuss these further, please contact the support team by clicking the button at the bottom of this newsletter.

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