Chichester Trees and Shrubs Case Study

Wholesale plant nursery located in Beaulieu, New Forest.



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Chichester Trees and Shrubs Ltd was originally founded as a tree nursery in 1976 by James Chichester. Today, they grow an extensive range of perennials, shrubs, specimen stock, grasses, ferns, trees, fruit, roses and climbers over three nursery sites located in the New Forest.

They’re a wholesale nursery and their clients include mainly professional landscapers, garden designers, landscape architects, plant centres, local authorities, private estates and residential gardens.

The team at Chichester Trees and Shrubs were previously supported by another IT company, but back in 2018 started looking for a new provider. They were looking for an IT company that was customer focussed, quick to help with issues or queries, and who also works similar working hours as they do.

At CIM Software, our team starts at 08:00, meaning we’re available to assist them with any questions or queries when they also start their working day, rather than needing to wait until 09:00 or 09:30.

Chichester Trees and Shrubs Case Study


Following an IT audit and consultation, CIM Software took over Chichester Trees and Shrubs’ IT Support.

As well as our friendly help-desk service, we also manage their 365 licences and antivirus, set up new machines when needed and also deploy any other IT systems they require.

Our team of specialists are also available to manage IT projects as and when required. Chichester Trees and Shrubs previously had an old, out-dated server that wasn’t allowing them to work as efficiently as possible. So, CIM recommended a move to a Hosted (virtual desktop) solution.

Here’s what Rachel, their Transport Manager, had to say about the move “Working well together made us make the decision to move our company server to the cloud that previously we were too nervous to do.”


Thanks to the Hosted solution, the team are now able to work from home on an ad-hoc basis, something they were unable to do with their previous IT infrastructure.

The virtual desktop also enables us to remotely host, scale and support their bespoke horticultural management solution that is crucial to the running of their business.

When we asked them how they’d describe our IT Support when they need us, here’s what they had to say “CIM are easy to contact and keep us updated on issues until they are resolved.”

The Chichester Trees and Shrubs team, like our other IT customers, are able to contact us via phone, email or on our website.

Finally, when we asked if they’d recommend CIM’s IT Support, they said yes!

“Compared to our previous IT provider, CIM is easier to get hold of, they help us as quickly as they can and offer good information as to why things happen or how to stop issues occurring.”
 Transport Manager at Chichester Trees and Shrubs
Chichester Trees and Shrubs Case Study

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