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Advanced Manufacturing Solution for Sage 200 Professional

Made in Britain

Introducing Cim200, our Manufacturing Solution for Sage 200

Cim200 provides you with all the tools you need to control each stage of your manufacturing processes.

Our fully integrated product looks and feels like Sage 200 but with the extra functionality you would expect from a comprehensive manufacturing solution for SMEs.

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Manufacturing Modules in Cim200 & Sage 200

The Cim200 suite of modules fully integrates with Sage 200 Professional. With three standalone new modules and enhancements to existing Sage 200 core modules, the solution provides a complete manufacturing package.

Stock Control

Efficiently Manage Inventory with Complete Visibility and Streamlined Processes.

Bill of Materials

Ensuring Consistency and Quality with Greater Control of Manufactured Products.

Works Orders

Control Production, Work in Progress and Capacity of Resources Accurately.


Utilising Just In Time Planning to Boost Cashflow, Minimise Stock Holding and Meet Deadlines.


Integrating Commercial Modules with Manufacturing for Enhanced Collaboration.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Using the Power of Barcoding to Improve Accuracy & Efficiency Across all Processes.

Graphical Scheduler

Visualise your Production Schedule and Control your Shopfloor Workload.

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Stock Control Enhancements

To enable Cim200 Manufacturing to integrate seamlessly with Sage 200 Stock Control, all development has been implemented using the same well known user interface.

Many new features have been added to enhance the way you manage your stock, including a detailed stock profile showing the current and projected stock levels, a rapid entry stock movements screen, allowing users to make quick and easy stock movements, along with an audit log showing any amendments made to the stock item, by whom, and when.

We’ve also incorporated functionality to improve how you handle stock, including Quality checks for received or manufactured stock, as well as goods in transit functionality.

All designed to make the system work better for manufacturers, as well as cut down on time and effort processing stock transactions or enquiring on essential information.


Bill of Material Enhancements

Our Cim200 Bill of Material enhancements allow you to configure your manufacturing system to work the way your business does.

New functionality has been added to improve production efficiencies in multiple manufacturing environments. A production line environment can take advantage of multiple routes, enabling you to react to changing demands on your production lines and maximise output. Food, chemicals, and ingredient-based manufacturers can utilise Cim200 Percentage Bom functionality to ensure production accuracy, along with Base Items to streamline your system processes to mirror your production process.

Kit Bom functionality enables assembly environments to streamline kitting and despatch processes.

As with all Cim200 modules, any additions or amendments have been created using the Sage 200 user interface, resulting in a seamless integration.


Commercials Enhancements

Sage 200 Commercials has been enhanced to improve your quotation accuracy and order processing routines.

Providing you with the ability to produce flexible and 100% accurate, fully costed quotations, Cim200 allows you to create an ad-hoc bill of material specifically for a quotation. Utilise quantity related price breaks to provide your customers with the flexibility they demand.

Further enhancements include being able to view the stock profile screen when creating or amending sales or purchase order item lines, speeding up access to vital data, as well as being able to utilise the supplier part number when raising a new purchase order item line, or the customer part number when raising a sales order line. Furthermore, any linked works orders can be viewed, simply from within the sales or purchase order item line.

Other features have been included to further improve the ordering routine, including a quick text library and a better scheduling of sales orders, along with the option to allocate to works orders on purchase order receipt.



Always ensure you can meet your customer demands with Cim200 Planning.

Meeting your customer demand in the timeliest and most cost-effective way is one of the key elements required from your manufacturing software.

The Cim200 Planning module is one of the most important in helping achieve this goal. It reads the demands from across all modules, whether it be customer demand via a sales order, shopfloor demand from a works order, maintaining stock levels through make for stock, or even demand from a sales forecast in the future.

It encapsulates all requirements into one easily controlled screen, detailing all the finished goods and components that are needed to fulfil the demand, giving you full flexibility to choose the most appropriate supplier or amend the build or purchase quantities to suit.

The Cim200 Planning module will help you to ensure all replenishments required to satisfy your customer requirements are met.


Works Orders

The Cim200 Works Order module gives you the functionality to control and monitor all the items that are currently in production.

A suite of powerful enquiry screens and documents provides your production staff with complete visibility to track each process effortlessly.

Production managers can utilise Cim200 capacity planning functionality to ensure there is sufficient capacity to satisfy your demand.

Designed to offer the flexibility needed to suit a wide variety of manufacturing industries and environments, Cim200 Works Orders will enable you to focus on your manufacturing production, and not on your upkeep of your manufacturing software.

Seamless Migration to Cim200 Manufacturing

We have developed seamless migration tools for Sage 200 Manufacturing, Cim50 Manufacturing, Sicon Manufacturing, Sage 1000 and Swan Manufacturing. One of the big challenges when changing your business critical systems is the time it takes and the effort required, especially when it comes to user buy-in.

This is why we’ve tried to simplify the whole process with the Cim200 Migration Utility. Simply stop working in your existing Manufacturing system at an agreed time (typically a Friday evening) and your Cim200 consultant will then migrate your data to Cim200. This typically takes a few minutes. They’ll then interrogate the migration logs, and utilise a suite of of reports to ensure everything migrated correctly, and you can then start working in your new system straight away.

How would a typical migration project work?

Test Migration

Your Cim200 consultant will take your existing Sage 200 Manufacturing system data and carry out a test migration. This data will also be used for training and testing.


This can be carried out in a variety of formats, depending on your preferences and organisational structure.


Existing reports, documentation and layouts produced by your current system are reproduced in Cim200.


You carry out testing and familiarisation exercises to ensure you are happy with the migration and are familiar with Cim200.

Live Migration

We’ll migrate your live data, and then provide post go-live support on site to help you through your first day or two using the new system.

Depending on the system you are migrating from, a typical migration project would be carried out in the following timescales:

Using another manufacturing/ERP system? Your existing data could be migrated using the various excel based import routines available as standard, or, alternatively, a custom migration program could be developed to suit your specific requirements.

Our Cim200 Support

We appreciate that your manufacturing MRP system is fundamental to the running of your business. That’s why our experienced support team are on hand to help with any and all of your questions surrounding your manufacturing software.

Looking to streamline your support contracts? The CIM Software team are also fully accredited to support Sage 50 Accounts too.

Integrated Add-Ons for Cim200

Spindle Document Capture

Capture, securely store and retrieve documents within Cim200 Works Orders

Shop Floor Data Capture

The only Shop Floor Data Capture module for Cim200. 

Cim200 Manufacturing FAQs

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact Us

Cim200 is available on a monthly subscription basis. The subscription includes a licence to use the software, software updates and technical support.

Cim200 costs £500.50/€624 per month.

The latest version of Cim200 is v2024 R1 and it is fully compatible with Sage 200 Professional v2024 R1.

No, you do not already need to be using Sage 200. As a business, we are fully Sage accredited meaning we can help you make the transition to both Sage 200 and Cim200 from Sage 50 or another accounting package.

We have a number of migration options available and our consultants can provide comprehensive training across both systems.

Yes, we have comprehensive migration options available for the following software: Sage 200 Manufacturing, INFOR:Swan Manufacturing and Cim50. Our team can also develop a bespoke migration project if you’re currently using an ERP not on that list.

The Cim200 subscription cost includes a comprehensive technical support package. Information on the service level you can expect from your Cim200 provider can be found on our Cim200 Support page.

We have an increasing number of fully accredited Cim200 resellers who service manufacturing businesses across the UK & Ireland. To find your nearest reseller, head to our Business Partners page.

Cim200 is designed to help SME manufacturing businesses increase their efficiency and grow their business. Cim200 is suitable for businesses with up to 100 concurrent users.

Yes, our Cim200 Development team can work with you to create a manufacturing software that works the way you work. Having completed thousands of custom development projects, your business is in safe hands.

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