Infor:Swan Manufacturing is Now End of Life

On 31/08/22 the Infor:Swan Manufacturing product was decommissioned.

Why Was Infor:Swan Manufacturing Decommissioned?

This was a necessary decision due to the limitations of the underlying technology platform. Whilst the software continues to operate and function at this current time, continuing to use it may expose your business to security and operational risks.

The CIM & Swan Story

CIM Software has been actively supporting Swan customers since 1991 and have built up the experience and knowledge to provide a professional and efficient service to its customers. We were fortunate enough to be approached by Infor in 2014 to take on their consultancy and upgrades for their Swan customers moving forward.

In August 2022, Infor removed their support for the manufacturing product completely.

CIM Software will still be supporting the product until September 2024. That said, due to the limitations regarding compatibility with Windows operating systems and integration with 3rd party solutions, the current support provided by CIM is on a “best endeavours” basis. This is because there are elements that are outside of our control.

So, What Next?

With the end-of-support date fast approaching, it is worth considering alternative options.

In-house, we have developed Cim50 Manufacturing and Cim200 Manufacturing which integrate with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Professional respectively. These work at the same level (and above) as the Infor:Swan Manufacturing solution and the team will be able to help you migrate what you need.

Cim50 Manufacturing

Fully Integrated Manufacturing Software for Sage 50 Accounts

Cim200 Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Solution for Sage 200

Want To Discuss Your Options?

Whichever solution you decide to move from Swan ERP to, CIM Software are here to help.

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