Email Security

Benefit from Advanced Threat Protection with VIPRE

Advanced Email Protection for SMEs

VIPRE’s email security solution protects businesses from the newest, most sophisticated strains of malware, weaponised attachments and phishing techniques. As a cloud-based system, IT teams can access the management platform and its actionable reports from anywhere.

Key Features

Anti-Spam & Anti-Spoof Protection

VIPRE uses advanced algorithms to identify and block spam emails before they reach your inbox. It also detects and prevents spoofing attempts, where attackers try to impersonate legitimate senders.

Email Attachment Protection

Investigate all email attachments for malware. If VIPRE finds an infected attachment, it’s stripped from the email and replaced with a plain text file replaces to let the user know the attachment was removed and quarantined.

Reporting & End User Control

Analyse detailed reports showing all threats and act on them accordingly. Reports can be accessed from within the platform or emailed to users directly. Users can also control their own Allow and Deny lists from the easy-to-use platform.

Link Isolation

Scan all links in incoming emails and neutralise any malicious URLS. VIPRE will rescan each and every time a link is clicked in case the websites have been updated with malicious content. 

Email Continuity

In the rare event of a Microsoft 365 email service outage, access your email traffic for the last 90 days and use VIPRE as a webmail service, to send and receive emails, until it is back up and running.

Email Remediation through Microsoft 365

Remove a malicious or suspicious email from a user’s inbox even after it has been delivered. It can also be deleted from everyone’s mailbox. This is possible through VIPRE’s simple integration with Microsoft 365.

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