Cim200 - Shop Floor Data Capture

Using the Power of Barcoding to Improve Accuracy & Efficiency

Barcoding Software for Sage 200

Utilise the speed, accuracy and power of barcodes to process a range of stock and operational transactions with ease.

Each process is streamlined to make it as efficient as possible to process, along with giving the option of automating certain associated stock processes when carrying out works order operational/processed-based tasks.

Issue Stock

Issue component stock to your works orders quickly and efficiently with simple to use interfaces. Simply scan or select the works order you would like to issue stock to and then scan the item, batch or serial number barcode and confirm the quantity you want to issue.

Process Operations and Capture Labour Time

View job cards digitally and process operations through to completion. Capture the time taken at each stage accurately along with issuing associated operation components as you progress.

Complete Works Orders

Once the job is complete, book your finished items into stock simply and efficiently. If the item being completed is traceable, you can enter batch or serial number details during this process, along with associated traceable information as required.

Device Agnostic

The Cim200 Shop Floor Data Capture module is compatible with any networked device with a modern internet browser. You can use either a traditional barcode scanner or a camera on a mobile phone or tablet to scan Cim200 barcodes.

Need an Advanced Warehouse Management Solution?

CIM Software have partnered with Datalinx to provide products that enable businesses to manage their warehouses more effectively.

Datalinx’s products integrate with Sage 200 and Cim200 and provide extensive functionality to manage business processes from the moment product arrives through to packing and dispatch.

Improve efficiency, save time and reduce costs all whilst solving poor stock accuracy.

Cim200 Shop Floor Data Capture FAQs

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Yes, Operation Times are captured via Cim200 SFDC in real-time. Users should log on to a job when they start and log off once the job has been completed. The system will automatically calculate the time elapsed between the job start and finish and will book the time and associated costs to the job.

Cim200 SFDC is compatible with any networked device that is running a compatible internet browser. A non-exhaustive list of compatible devices include:

  • Windows PC or Laptop
  • Windows Tablet/Surface Tablet
  • Windows Mobile handheld scanning device
  • Android Tablet
  • Android Phone
  • Android handheld scanning device
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iMac

You can decide this. There is an option within the system that dictates whether the SFDC system will automatically complete finished goods into stock when a booking is made on the last operation on the works order.

The quantity booked into stock will be based on the quantity complete on the operation booking. If the finished goods are traceable the user will have the opportunity to complete any traceable analysis information and confirm the batch/serial number(s) if manual numbering is enabled.

You can decide this. There is an option within the system that dictates whether a user can be logged on to more than 1 job at the same time or not.

You can decide this. There is an option within the system that dictates whether whether multiple users can be logged on to the same job at the same time or not.

No, our SFDC module is an optional Cim200 module for those who need a barcoding solution. We have also worked with Datalinx to develop an advanced warehouse solution. 

Manufacturing Modules in Cim200 & Sage 200

The Cim200 suite of modules fully integrates with Sage 200 Professional. With three standalone new modules and enhancements to existing Sage 200 core modules, the solution provides a complete manufacturing package.

Stock Control

Efficiently Manage Inventory with Complete Visibility and Streamlined Processes.

Bill of Materials

Ensuring Consistency and Quality with Greater Control of Manufactured Products.

Works Orders

Control Production, Work in Progress and Capacity of Resources Accurately.


Utilising Just In Time Planning to Boost Cashflow, Minimise Stock Holding and Meet Deadlines.


Integrating Commercial Modules with Manufacturing for Enhanced Collaboration.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Using the Power of Barcoding to Improve Accuracy & Efficiency Across all Processes.

Graphical Scheduler

Visualise your Production Schedule and Control your Shopfloor Workload.

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For a more detailed overview of our manufacturing software solution for Sage 200 Professional, download our Cim200 brochure. In it, you’ll find more information about the Sage Enhancements and our new modules.

Other Cim200 Documentation

Further details of the software’s system requirements and features can be downloaded below.

Full Cim200
Feature List

Cim200 Product

Cim200 vs Sage 200
Manufacturing Comparison

Sage 200 (& Cim200) System Requirements Guide

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