Cim200 - Stock Control - Enhancements

Efficiently Manage Stock With Complete Visibility and Streamlined Processes

Enhanced Stock Control Software for Sage 200

With Cim200 Stock Control Enhancements, streamline your business’ stock processes and gain greater visibility, all fully integrated with the Sage 200 Professional Stock Control.

In addition to the Sage 200 Professional Stock Control functionality, Cim200 includes the following enhancements:

Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Incorporate Cim200’s quality control functionality into your purchase & production processes to ensure the quality of your goods meet customers' expectations.

Ensure all Stock Movements are Carried Out Productively

Streamline business processes with enhanced stock control features that remove unnecessary and repetitive steps.

Track Stock Items that are Sold, Purchased or Manufactured

Employ a complete situational overview of stock records with sight of orders and history across the whole business for valuable insights.

Cim200 & Sage 200 Stock Control

To enable Cim200 Manufacturing to integrate seamlessly with Sage 200 Stock Control, all development has been implemented using the same well known user interface. Many new features have been added to enhance the way you manage your stock, including a detailed stock profile showing the current and projected stock levels, a rapid entry stock movements screen allowing users to make quick and easy stock movements, along with an audit log showing any amendments made to the stock item, by whom, and when.

Included In Our Cim200 Stock Control Enhancements



Cim200 is a manufacturing add-on for Sage 200. We have incorporated all of the additional settings and fields relevant to manufacturing goods with Cim200 into the standard Sage 200 Stock screens, avoiding the need for double entry or having to enter data in multiple places



Utilise the Cim200 Quality Control functionality during purchase or works orders receipts, and BOM builds, to ensure that stock cannot be used until it has passed through quarantine inspection.

Assign specific inspection templates to the item in quarantine and carry out the inspection process, releasing items that pass the inspection to available stock, or rejecting the items and producing purchase returns if necessary.


Stock Profile

The stock profile screen provides you with a complete situational overview of your stock position, incorporating demands, replenishments, and stock status for a specified item.

You have the ability to drilldown into current sales, purchase and works orders, enabling you to interrogate all demands and replenishments from one screen.

Furthermore, the stock projection provides you with a forecasted projection of your stock position into the future, enabling you to make key decisions decisively.


Rapid Stock Movements

Speed up your stock transaction processing by utilising Cim200’s Rapid Stock Movement functionality.

Enter multiple stock adjustments for numerous stock items in one simple screen, whether it is an adjustment, write off, issue, or transfer.


Customer Part Numbers

Cim200 provides you flexibility throughout the system to enable you to better serve your customers.

One such example is the customer part number functionality. Configure your own parts with customer references, and when you receive an order from a customer, enter their references directly into the sales order, cutting down on data processing time and inevitable human error, whilst providing your customer with the flexibility they want and need from their trusted suppliers.


Goods in Transit

Not all goods are available for next day shipping, similarly you may have stock located in multiple warehouses situated around the country.

Utilise Cim200’s Goods in Transit functionality to have the system consider transit times when carrying out resource planning and transferring of stock between locations. Ensuring you always have the stock you need, where you need it, when you need it.


Audit Log

The Cim200 Audit Log records any change made to the static data associated with a stock record, whether it be a standard Sage 200 field or something specifically associated with Cim200, every change is captured by whom and date/time.

Additional Stock Control Features

Stock Position Visibility
Easily see the stock position with a running total on the stock history screen, enabling you to quickly identify your stock position, either current or retrospective, without having to switch between different enquiry screens.
Commercials Visibility
Further additions the Sage 200 Stock functionality includes a commercial overview of a product, giving instant access to key information regarding sales, purchase and manufacturing output over the previous 12 months.
Supplier Price Breaks
Maximise your buying power. Cim200 brings supplier price break functionality to Sage 200. Interrogate price breaks when raising a purchase order to ensure you buy materials as cost efficiently as possible
Mandatory Fields
Ensure your data is maintained accurately by defining any field on the stock record as mandatory. Users will be warned when creating or updating records if any mandatory data has not been populated.
Traceability Enquiry
Utilise the powerful Cim200 traceability enquiry screen to interrogate traceable items. This multi-directional enquiry enables you to quickly see where a batch or serial number has been throughout its lifecycle, all at the touch of a button. Giving you confidence in your traceability and saving time and effort trying to track information down.
Utilise by-products functionality to quickly and easily process receipts for additional ancillary items created during the manufacturing process or received from suppliers automatically during the relevant receipt process.

Cim200 Stock Control FAQs

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Yes, Cim200 is an add-on for Sage 200. As well as including advanced Manufacturing and Planning functionality, it provides enhancements to the core Sage 200 Commercials module.

Carry out multiple stock additions, transfers, issues or write offs in one transaction. The Cim200 rapid stock movement screen enables you to define multiple individual stock transactions in a familiar grid style format, which can all be processed simultaneously. Saving time and frustration having to process each adjustment individually.

Any static data field available on the New/Amend Stock Item screen can be made mandatory. Including fields added via another 3rd party addition.

Yes, define customer part numbers on stock items and use those customer part numbers when creating sales orders. Cutting down on order entry time and mistakes.

Yes, when you process the receipt in Sage 200 you can identify individual items for processing through quarantine, assigning each one an individual inspection template, ensure the correct checks are carried out at inspection. Any items that fail inspection can then generate a purchase return to send the goods back to the supplier.

Yes, we’ve extended the standard Sage 200 Stock list to incorporate the additional Cim200 columns and actions, ensuring all the information you want and need is in one place.

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Manufacturing Modules in Cim200 & Sage 200

The Cim200 suite of modules fully integrates with Sage 200 Professional. With three standalone new modules and enhancements to existing Sage 200 core modules, the solution provides a complete manufacturing package.

Stock Control

Efficiently Manage Inventory with Complete Visibility and Streamlined Processes.

Bill of Materials

Ensuring Consistency and Quality with Greater Control of Manufactured Products.

Works Orders

Control Production, Work in Progress and Capacity of Resources Accurately.


Utilising Just In Time Planning to Boost Cashflow, Minimise Stock Holding and Meet Deadlines.


Integrating Commercial Modules with Manufacturing for Enhanced Collaboration.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Using the Power of Barcoding to Improve Accuracy & Efficiency Across all Processes.

Graphical Scheduler

Visualise your Production Schedule and Control your Shopfloor Workload.

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