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Maximising Profitability with Accurate Costings when Quoting Manufactured Items

Quotation Software for Manufacturing Businesses

With Cim50’s Quotation module, integrated with Sage 50 Accounts, estimate costs and calculate total selling prices for manufactured items.

Track Multiple Revisions of Quotations In One Place

Copy quotations to track amendments from customers & prospects and update costings based on latest prices whilst maintaining previous revisions.

Ensure Maximum Profitability Across all Quoted Items

Broken down by material, labour, machine, overheads and subcontract, utilise full visibility of costs, revenue and expected profit margin.

Maintain Sales Prices and Quantity Breaks For Flexibility

Automatically calculate sales prices for quote items based on cost mark-up, profit margin or on a fixed price basis and price for multiple quantities.

Included In Our Cim50 Quotations Module


Configure Built Items

The Cim50 Quotations module enables you to configure the built item you’re quoting for, whilst you’re preparing the quotation for a customer or prospect.

Import an existing bill of material to amend or create a new one from scratch. Cost the configured item and ensure your profit margins are maximised.


Revision History

Utilise the revision history functionality to retain previous iterations of a quotation, making it available for review or reactivation if a customer or prospect decides to revert to an earlier version of the quote.


Products & Services

Ability to quote for stock and non-stock items, as well as items that don’t currently exist in the system, with the ability to create the stock items as required when the customer or prospect places the order.

Set up service and miscellaneous items on your quotes for repeat use.



Produce eye-catching quotation documents that incorporate your branding, with the fully customisable layouts that can be setup to suit your business needs.



Profit & Loss

A detailed Profit and Loss Analysis is available on every quote.

Broken down by material, labour, machine, overhead and subcontract costs. Giving you full visibility of your costs, revenue and expected profit margin.


Order Processing

When a customer accepts a quotation, you can move on to the next step by raising sales, purchase and works orders directly from the quotation, to the exact specification defined on the quote.

Alternatively, convert the quote to a sales order and let Cim50’s Planning module take care of the rest.

Additional Quotations Features

Quantity Breaks
Define multiple quantity breaks on your quotations, with the system calculating the associated production costs based on each quantity quoted.
Define individual discount rates and/or values on each quantity break.
Utilise Cim50’s Quotation Pricing Matrix to determine how the system should determine the default selling price, giving you complete flexibility and control.
Prospect Quotes
Create quotations for prospects without having to set up a customer account. Should the prospect decide to proceed with the order, create the customer record in Sage 50 Account directly from the quotation.
Update BOM
Update Bill of Materials with changes made on a quotation at the touch of a button, cutting down on data entry time and general admin overhead.
Quotation Updates
Record pertinent updates against a quotation, such as a follow up phone call, email chaser or a general update regarding pricing etc.
Define quotations for customers or prospects in any currency setup in Sage 50 Accounts.

Cim50 Quotations FAQs

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Yes, given the stresses placed on supply chains, and the general volatility of sourcing goods, costs can fluctuate dramatically in short periods of time.

With the Cim50 Quotations module, you can re-visit any quotation, and update the costs for all items within that quotation to obtain up-to-date costing estimates. You can then choose whether to update the selling prices to ensure you maintain your desired profit margins, or keep them the same, in which case it will show the updated markup and margin percentages.

No, if you choose to use the Cim50 Quotations module, it would supersede Sage 50 Quotes,

All the functionality available in Sage 50 Quotes is available in Cim50 Quotations, plus a lot more.

Yes, you can raise a quotation for a “non-stock” item, which can then be configured or not, depending on your requirements.

If the customer proceeds to placing the order, you can choose to convert the non-stock item into a stock item as well as a bill of material if it is a manufactured item, adding it to the stock and bill of material list.

Alternatively, if the item is unlikely to be ordered again, or is a completely bespoke item, you can raise works and/or purchase orders for that item without the need to create a stock record and bill of material.

Cim50 comes with a range of standard quotation layouts, that can be fully customised to incorporate your companies logo, branding and terms & conditions.

You can then choose to email a quotation from the system, which will generate a draft email in Microsoft Outlook.

Yes, from within the Cim50 Quotations module you can configure manufactured items to an exact specification. You can then instruct the system to create a works order based on that specification, which may differ from the standard Bill of Material.

Yes, each quotation has a detailed profit and loss analysis enquiry screen, detailing all of the costs associated with the quote, broken down by cost headings and types. Then listing out the projected revenue and providing a profit forecast accordingly.

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Manufacturing Modules in the Cim50 MRP System

Our modules fully integrate with Sage 50 Accounts to enhance your manufacturing processes. Only pay for the modules you need and create a manufacturing software solution that works for your business.

Stock Control

Enhance Sage 50 with Advanced Stock Capabilities & Streamlined Processing

Bill of Materials

Utilise Multi-Level Bill of Materials with Detailed Costing & Audit Functionality

Works Orders

Manage Production Processes, Work in Progress & Resource Capacities Efficiently


Deliver Just In Time Planning to Meet Deadlines, Reduce Stock Holding & Improve Cashflow


Maximise Profitability with Accurate Costings when Quoting Manufactured Items

Shop Floor Data Capture

Use the Power of Barcoding to Improve Accuracy & Efficiency Across all Processes

Graphical Scheduler

Visualise your Production Schedule and Control your Shopfloor Workload

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