Sage 200 Manufacturing - End of Life

Sage 200 Manufacturing has been retired, here’s what to do next…

Sage 200 Manufacturing

In October 2020, Sage announced that from 1st November 2020, Sage 200 Manufacturing will be withdrawn from sale and the product will enter extended support effective 1st January 2021. For businesses that are currently using it, it will still work in the short term but there will be no further development to the product.

Sage 200 Manufacturing Product Timeline

Sage 200 Manufacturing withdrawn from sale 1st November 2020.
Product enters Extended Support stage of it’s lifecycle 1st January 2021.

Sage 200 Technical support will continue depending on the version of Sage 200 Professional in use, in best endeavours basis.

Please click here to see full details on the Sage End of Support Policy with a table detailing the dates relative to each version of the software.
The module will be supported in line with customers current version of Sage 200 Professional. However, there will be no further updates or bug fixes.

So, What Next?

Whilst the solution is still operational, continuing to use it does leave your business at risk to serious operational issues. For manufacturing businesses, your software plays a key part in the running of your business. Should anything go wrong, there are no further updates or bug fixes and support is on a best endeavour basis. So, at CIM Software, we’ve developed Cim200, our recommended replacement for Sage 200 Manufacturing…

Introducing Cim200, Our Manufacturing Solution

Cim200 provides you with all the tools you need to control each stage of your manufacturing processes. Our fully integrated product looks and feels like Sage 200 but with the extra functionality you would expect from a manufacturing solution.

Manufacturing Modules in Cim200 & Sage 200

The Cim200 suite of modules fully integrates with Sage 200 Professional. With three standalone new modules and enhancements to existing Sage 200 core modules, the solution provides a complete manufacturing package.

Stock Control

Efficiently Manage Inventory with Complete Visibility and Streamlined Processes.

Bill of Materials

Ensuring Consistency and Quality with Greater Control of Manufactured Products.

Works Orders

Control Production, Work in Progress and Capacity of Resources Accurately.


Utilising Just In Time Planning to Boost Cashflow, Minimise Stock Holding and Meet Deadlines.


Integrating Commercial Modules with Manufacturing for Enhanced Collaboration.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Using the Power of Barcoding to Improve Accuracy & Efficiency Across all Processes.

Graphical Scheduler

Control your Production Planning with a Visual Drag & Drop Interface

Migration from Sage 200 Manufacturing

One of the big challenges when changing your business critical systems is the time it takes, and the effort required. Whether it be time preparing your data for migration, the downtime endured whilst the migration takes place, through to the time needed for post migration auditing, checks and sign-off. Not forgetting staff buy-in, which can be the downfall of any good project if not handled carefully.

We’ve mitigated all of these issues. The familiarity of Cim200 for existing Sage 200 users ensures staff buy-in and minimises training requirements. Then, when it comes to migrating your data, simply stop working in Sage 200 Manufacturing system at an agreed time (typically a Friday evening), your Cim200 consultant will then migrate your data to Cim200, which takes a few minutes (seconds in some cases), they will then interrogate the audit logs, and utilise a suite of reports to ensure everything migrated correctly, and you can then start working in your new system straight away.

Test Migration

Your Cim200 consultant will take your existing Sage 200 Manufacturing system data and carry out a test migration.


This can be carried out in variety of formats, depending on your preferences and organisational structure.


Existing reports, documentation and layouts produced by your current system are reproduced in Cim200.


You carry out testing and familiarisation exercises to ensure you are happy with the migration and are familiar with Cim200.

Live Migration

We’ll migrate your live data, and then provide post go-live support on site to help you through your first day or two using the new system.

A typical migration project from Sage 200 Manufacturing to Cim200 would be completed in 4-8 weeks.

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