5 Reasons to Switch to Cim50 Manufacturing from Sage 50 Manufacturing

5 reasons to switch to Cim50

Sage 50 Manufacturing has been announced as end of life and all support and services from Sage, for the product, ended in September 2021. At CIM Software, we have developed Cim50 Manufacturing. This is an award-winning product and Sage’s recommended replacement for their retired manufacturing solution. In this blog we’re going to outline 5 reasons to switch to Cim50 Manufacturing.

5 Reasons to Switch to Cim50 Manufacturing from Sage 50 Manufacturing

  1. Integration with Latest Version of Sage 50 Accounts
  2. Continuous Product Development
  3. Modern, Updated User Interface
  4. Easily Customisable Software Solution
  5. Control your Data Backups

1. Complete Integration with the Latest Version of Sage 50 Accounts

We understand from the Sage 50 Manufacturing Product Update, that Sage has stopped supporting and testing the integration between Sage 50 Manufacturing and Sage 50 Accounts v27.

It has also been confirmed that there is a compatibility issue with Sage 50 Manufacturing and Sage 50 Accounts v28 and v28.1.

Cim50 is currently compatible with Sage 50 Accounts v27 and v28, meaning your business can take advantage of all of the new accounts functionality that is rolled out by Sage.

2. Continuous Product Development

Sage 50 Manufacturing has had little development work carried out within the last decade. Cim50, on the other hand, has a new version released yearly with multiple service packs developed throughout the year too.

We listen to all comments and feedback received from our customers and Business Partners and use them to further develop our product. We have a Wishlist system that we use to guide our development roadmap. This means that not only are we constantly improving our product, but the changes we make are all aligned with our customers’ wishes.

3. Modern, Updated User Interface

When designing Cim50 Manufacturing as an alternative to Sage 50 Manufacturing, we followed several key philosophies to ensure our software package is familiar to customers who currently use Sage 50 Manufacturing.

We have replaced the somewhat outdated Sage 50 Manufacturing user interface with an easy to use, modern user interface, backed with new, powerful technology.

4. Easily Customisable Software Solution

Cim50 is easily customisable to fit your business needs.

Select from a variety of modules, with Stock Control as standard, giving you complete visibility from supplier through to the customer, along with everything you need to manage your manufacturing processes.

Cim50 includes additional, configurable analysis codes throughout each module, which can be tailored and set up to suit your business requirements. We also offer bespoke development services. Should your business have a particular requirement that the software doesn’t currently cater for, we can work with you to get this developed.

5. Control your Data Backups

The Cim50 Backup has been redesigned to change the way you backup your data.

Manually backup and restore both your Sage 50 Accounts and Cim50 at the same time with our manufacturing solution. Schedule an automatic backup, so you can rest assured that both your software packages are tied together, and never out of sync.

Making the switch to Cim50 Manufacturing from Sage 50 Manufacturing is seamless with our one-click migration tool. This moves your Sage 50 Manufacturing data to the corresponding Cim50 modules. Hence, allowing Sage 50 Manufacturing users to retain the data and history they have built up.

A Cim50 Consultant will carry out your migration project. As part of this they will:

  • Carry out a test migration
  • Provide software training
  • Reproduce all of your current reports into the new system.
  • Test the new system and check it’s working as expected
  • Complete the full migration and provide initial support following go-live

Our consultants are happy to provide a free no-obligation demo of our product. If you’re interested in making the switch to Cim50, fill out the form below. One of the team will then be in touch!


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