Introducing Cim200 Shop Floor Data Capture

Cim200 Shop Floor Data Capture Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new module for Cim200, Cim200 Shop Floor Data Capture. This is the only Sage-approved Partner Cloud deployable SFDC solution for Sage 200.

This new optional module is now available to order through your Partner. With our Shop Floor Data Capture module, use the power of barcoding to improve your accuracy and efficiency. Process a range of stock and operational transactions with ease.

The Cim200 Shop Floor Data Capture module is compatible with any networked device with a modern internet browser. For barcode scanning, you can utilise a camera on a mobile phone or tablet to scan barcodes (as well as traditional barcode scanners) negating the need for costly additional hardware.

Functionality included in Cim200 Shop Floor Data Capture

  • Issue stock, both traceable and non-traceable

Simply scan the Stock, Batch or Serial barcode.

  • Process Operations and Capture Labour Time

Process operations through to completion. Capture the time taken at each stage accurately as SFDC applies resource time against operations.

  • Complete operations

Once the job is complete, book your finished items into stock simply and efficiently including any traceable information as required.

  • Add memo fields from SFDC interface

Add memos directly from the SFDC interface that are passed into Cim200 Works Orders. Read and reply to existing memos from SFDC.

There are several settings available to control how the SFDC system will behave when processing transactions. These include whether:

  • a user can be logged into more than one job simultaneously
  • more than one user can be logged onto the same job simultaneously
  • the operations can be processed out of sequence
  • SFDC will automatically complete Works Orders on the last operation

Cim200’s SFDC module is an optional module for our Cim200 Manufacturing Suite. The entire system is designed to streamline your manufacturing processes and this module is no different. Save your shop floor team time and increase the accuracy of your data.

If you’d like to hear more about our new Shop Floor Data Capture module for Cim200, simply enter your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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