5 Reasons your Manufacturing Business needs IT Support

SME businesses managing their own IT can end up being both time consuming and expensive. Particularly without the correct training and procedures in place. So, it comes as no surprise that one of the most commonly outsourced jobs in business is IT Support. Manufacturing businesses typically use a number of different system systems and solutions which are critical to running their day to day operations. Without IT Support, its likely that your business isn’t working to its full capacity. So, if you’re not currently investing in IT Support, here are 5 reasons your manufacturing business should consider it…

5 Reasons your Manufacturing Business needs IT Support

1. Consolidated Services

Should an issue overlap multiple service providers, getting a quick resolution is often near on impossible. Having all of your business critical solutions managed by one company makes getting issues rectified a breeze. Complementing your existing Sage/Manufacturing software services with IT Support enables your business to receive streamlined responses for every query. With all solutions in one place, benefit from minimal downtime thanks to in-house knowledge and team cohesion.

2. Save your Manufacturing Business Money

Outsourced IT support is often a fraction of the price of hiring an IT member of staff. You don’t need to pay for a full salary nor any of the other costs associated with an employee such as NI or pension contributions. For some businesses, there simply isn’t enough work to justify hiring someone full time. An IT Support contract, on the other hand, is an affordable monthly cost that provides your business with all of the assistance it needs from month to month. Not only that, your IT Support contract typically also gains you access to a team of specialists who can help with a range of requirements.

3. Embrace New Technology

When implementing IT Support, an audit is carried out which provides the team with an in-depth knowledge of your current IT systems and requirements. Receive real time upgrades as your business grows, ensuring your systems are as up to date as they can be, whilst remaining competitive. Adopting new technologies (managed and supported by your IT provider) allows you to advance company goals and seek further areas for expansion and growth.

4. Enhance Overall Security

Like with any business, the data belonging to a manufacturing business is crucially important. So, an IT Support team will implement a reliable backup system, top of the range cyber-security and in most cases, put a disaster recovery plan in place for any unforeseen disasters or events.

If any data is lost for any reason, an IT Support team will have a recovery system in place. This is to retrieve lost files, maintaining the technological integrity of your business and minimise downtime.

5. Focus on what’s Important

Whether it’s setting up new users, configuring a printer or finding a new software, leave this to a specialist. With an IT Support team on hand, you and your team can focus on your manufacturing and your customers rather than IT issues and projects.

At CIM Software, we provide IT Support to a number of manufacturing businesses across the UK. Our affordable service plans start from just £150 a month and are flexible and scalable. Interested? We are currently offering free no obligation audits – just enter your details below and we’ll be in touch.


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