New Knowledgebase and Resources Hub

We are pleased to confirm that our new Knowledgebase and Resources hub is live on our website and ready for you to take advantage of.

Please have a read through the below, which details each new resource and how you can start to utilise it.

The Knowledgebase

The Knowledgebase is a complete encyclopaedia on Cim50, containing hundreds of articles, giving you easy access to information across Cim50.

Creating the Knowledgebase

The purpose of our knowledgebase is to give you easy access to helpful information across the entire Cim50 system, within a resource that is easy to navigate, which includes powerful search functionality.

Articles will be updated in real time, as and when new features are available in future service packs and versions.

Accessing the Knowledgebase

Currently within Cim50, selecting the F1 key will take you to a help article, which briefly details information on the screen.

The new knowledgebase has given us the capability to provide you with a more comprehensive help guide, as shown above, using Stock Control as an example:

In our upcoming v2022 release, we have added a new icon in the top right of each Cim50 screen, as shown below. Once clicked, this will take you to the relevant article within our Knowledgebase.

The Resources Hub

We have taken the time to upgrade our Resources hub to provide you with software specific support guides, software downloads, and other useful documents to help support you.

Please see the new Resources hub below:

This upgrade includes our ‘CIMi’ guides, which were previously provided by our support team. These guides have been rebranded and will be constantly maintained, in real time, to include all the latest updates within Cim50.

We hope you find these resources helpful.

Should you have any queries regarding these new resources, please feel free to contact us.


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