Support Newsletter – April 2024 – Cim50 & Sage 50 Accounts

Welcome to the Support Newsletter for April where we will be discussing the services provided by the support team. We will also continue with our introduction of the Support Team members, this month the spotlight is on James, one of our Support Technicians.

Some of our customers benefit from dual support, which includes both software support (for Sage50 & Cim50) and IT support. However, we’ve noticed that many emails sent to pertain to IT queries rather than Sage50 and/or Cim50 software-related issues. To ensure you reach the appropriate support team at CIM, here’s a breakdown:

1. Software Support (Sage50 & Cim50):

For any enquiries related to Sage50 or Cim50 software, please continue to contact us via

2. IT Support: If your query is IT-related (such as a hosted server, connecting to a remote desktop, network issues, hardware problems, telephone problems or general IT support), please direct your communication to our dedicated IT support team via

Methods of Contacting Support


02382 026969 selecting Option 1 for Software Support (Sage50 and/or Cim50) or Option 2 for IT Support

Email for Software Support (Sage50 and/or Cim50) or for IT Support

Website Contact Us – CIM Software (

Our Services

Our software support team is here to assist with any technical issues you may encounter, including software bugs, errors, and glitches. We will identify and resolve any problems you encounter. Additionally, we provide guidance on using the software effectively. You can find relevant knowledgebase articles by clicking the F1 button in Sage 50 or the ? in Cim50, both of which will open helpful resources. If we determine that additional training is needed beyond what the support desk can provide, your Account Manager, Martin Conner, will reach out to discuss your specific requirements.

Software Installation:

As part of your annual contract with CIM Software, you are entitled to three free software installations. We kindly request a minimum of 16 working hours’ notice for software installations. This allows us to efficiently allocate the necessary time in the support team’s schedules without compromising our overall support quality for all our customers. If we can accommodate an installation sooner, we will certainly do so. When you submit a request for installation, we will promptly acknowledge it. If you have already utilised your three free installations, we will provide a quotation for any additional installations. Once we receive an order, we will confirm the date for the installation process.

Reports & Layout Amendments:

All report and layout amendments are reviewed by software support. For minor changes, we will make the necessary adjustments or provide guidance to the customer. However, in the case of major changes or the creation of new reports/layouts that require substantial input from our Consultancy team, we will provide a detailed quotation. Once we receive an order, we will confirm the date for the commencement of work.

Data Repair for Sage 50

Whilst Sage data repair is not covered by our support contract, we collaborate with Adept Computer Support Limited, of whom we are a Business Partner. Adept offers a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective repair service. In case of data corruption, our CIM support desk will work closely with Adept to ensure the process is as seamless as possible during this challenging time.

Meet the Team

The Support Team at CIM is made up of five permanent members whose skillset covers Sage 50 Accounts, Cim50 Manufacturing, Sage 200, Cim200 Manufacturing, Sage CRM and Swan software. We also provide support for third party add-ons, such as Draycir (Spindle), Eureka and Sicon.

Spotlight on James

James has been working at CIM since November 2011 and has spent most of his time on the support desk apart from a period with the Consultancy Team. James has fantastic customer service skills, has knowledge of all products and is proficient in troubleshooting problems with Spindle. Outside of work, James has rediscovered his love of the gym and enjoys socialising with friends and family.

We hope these guides/articles will be of assistance, however, if you wish to discuss these further, please contact the support team by clicking the button at the bottom of this newsletter.

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