Support Newsletter – November 2023 – Cim50 & Sage 50 Accounts

Welcome to the November edition of the CIM Support newsletter. 

This month we will be looking at solutions for the most common support calls we receive.

Sage 50 Accounts


Data Corruption / Data Restore

If you have data corruption and wish to restore back to a clean backup, and you are using Cim50 Manufacturing, we recommend that you contact us before carrying out the restore.  We are finding that companies are restoring Sage Accounts back-ups only leaving both datasets out of sync.  If you wish to restore to a clean backup, Cim50 back-ups contain Sage Accounts data and you should be restoring from a Cim50 back-up.

Errors Have Been Detected in Your Data

You’ve logged into Sage only to be met with this message.

You run data repair and you have errors in the data so you email CIM Support to ask for assistance and include an image similar to the one shown below.

Unfortunately, this image does not provide us with the details of the error/s.  We need you to click on ‘Errors’ and then send us an image that details the errors.  We can then provide you with a solution to fixing the errors or advise that a restore or data repair is required.

New! Report of the Month

Inactive Customer Report and Inactive Supplier Report

These reports show of customers and suppliers that have been inactive between certain dates.  Once installed the report can be found in Customer / Suppliers Reports under My Customer / Supplier Reports.  Please click Customer or Supplier for an example of the report. 



We receive a high number of calls relating to users, either creating a new user or an existing user is stuck.  We have articles that can help with setting up a  new user or releasing a  locked user.

Works Orders

When you have tried to complete a WO you are met with a message stating that there are component allocations outstanding and they must be removed before completing the WO.   This guide will show you how to resolve this problem.

New! Graphical Scheduler

CIM has released their new Graphical Scheduler which will assist you with taking control of your production planning.  Information on this new product can be viewed on our website or if you would like a demo, please contact your Account Manager, Martin Conner.

CIM Challenge

During October 2023 we walked 712.63 miles and we are now in a good position to keep pushing forward to ensure we hit our target of 11,072 miles by the end of the year. 

There’s not much else to do now the clocks have changed, so we may as well walk.

CIM Software is fundraising for Alfie’s Wish (

We hope these guides/articles will be of assistance, however, if you wish to discuss these further, please contact the support team by clicking the button at the bottom of this newsletter.

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