Sage 50 Manufacturing vs Cim50 Manufacturing

A Comparison of Sage’s Retired Manufacturing Product and Cim50 Manufacturing

Sage 50 Manufacturing vs Cim50

Sage 50 Manufacturing vs Cim50 Manufacturing

All support and services from Sage for Sage 50 Manufacturing ended on 30th September 2021.

Our Cim50 Manufacturing product was released in 2017 as an alternative to Sage 50 Manufacturing. 

Following Sage 50 Manufacturing’s retirement announcement, CIM Software entered an agreement with Sage that resulted in our Cim50 Manufacturing solution being the recommended manufacturing software package for Sage 50 Accounts.

An Introduction to Sage 50 Manufacturing & Cim50

Sage 50 Manufacturing

Sage 50 Manufacturing is Sage’s end of life  Manufacturing suite for Sage 50 Accounts. 

There were different variants available (Bill of Materials, Batch Controller, Job Controller, Manufacturing Controller and Operation Times), enabling small businesses to choose a solution that worked for them.

Cim50 Manufacturing

Fully integrated manufacturing software solution for Sage 50 Accounts.

There are 7 modules available and the system can scale as your business grows. The entire system is designed to streamline manufacturing processes and maximise profitability.

Sage 50 Manufacturing vs Cim50

Sage 50 Manufacturing & Cim50's Common Functionality

Cim50 Manufacturing contains all of the functionality included in Sage 50 Manufacturing.

So, if you are currently using Sage 50 Manufacturing, rest assured that all of the features you utilise are available in Cim50 too.

When developing Cim50, we focussed on making it easy to use with a modern interface, powerful functionality and clear reporting.

Cim50 Manufacturing's Additional Functionality

Cim50’s functionality extends above and beyond Sage 50 Manufacturing. We have developed the software to include a lot of features that our customers have been requesting. Here are just some of the additional features and functions available in Cim50

Traceability (Batch and Serial Number by Stock Item)

Schedule MRP and MPS

Barcoding Module (Shop Floor Data Capture)

Comprehensive Audit Log

Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Kit Bill of Materials

Multi Item and Works Order Trial Kitting

Bill of Materials Costing History

Graphical Scheduler

Carbon Emission Calculations



Integration with Sage 50 Projects

Graphical Dashboards

20 Configurable Analysis Codes

Watch our Introduction to Cim50 Manufacturing

Streamline your manufacturing business’ processes and maximise profitability with manufacturing software for Sage 50 Accounts.

Download Our Sage 50 Manufacturing vs Cim50 Comparison

Explore the full feature lists for the two solutions in our Sage 50 Manufacturing vs Cim50 comparison document. 

Simply click the button below to access a PDF copy of our software comparison. 

Sage 50 Manufacturing to Cim50 Manufacturing Migration​

As Cim50 is Sage’s recommended replacement for their Sage 50 Manufacturing we’ve created a seamless migration tool for users looking to make the switch. 

Our migration tool helps to reduce the time and cost associated with implementing a new system, making it simple for all involved.

Once your Cim50 Consultant has carried out the migration, you can start working in your new Cim50 system complete with all of your data and reports.

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