Cim200 Compatibility with Sage 200 Professional v2023 R1

Following on from the announcement by Sage of the release of Sage 200 Professional v2023 R1 in February, we are now pleased to confirm Cim200 – v2023.01.03.100 has been tested and is fully now compatible with Sage 200 Professional v2023 R1.

We have released an update for Cim200 – v2023.01.03.100 and this is now available to download from our website.

Cim200 – v2023.01.03.100 is also compatible with all previous supported versions of Sage 200 Professional and contains a small number of minor improvements along with bug fixes.

Please click below for the release notes for further information relating to this latest release of Cim200.

Should you have any queries regarding this update, please Contact Us.


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